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Boss Technologie Eau
Treatment of functional lake and pond water with ENVIRO-BOSS product.
Treatment of ponds with the ALGI-BOSS product. In 2002 Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada presented one strategy of application.
Safe watering with recycled water previously treated with AGRI-BOSS product.
Safe irrigation of fields with wastewater treated with AGRI-BOSS product.
Safe treatment of water in swimming pools, with the AQUA-BOSS product. Reduction of at less 80% on the required quantity of chlorine
(less than 1 ppm).
Foutain water treated with AQUA-BOSS product is clear, limpid and odourless.
Primary wastewater treatment in filtration plants using ALGI-BOSS product. Liquefaction of organic matters leads to a reduction of sewage sludge, approximately 80%, which adds up to substantial savings in transportation cost and significant reduction of residues in the environment.
It is a well known fact that water consumption is increasing throughout the world.  Parallel to this situation, water pollution reached unprecedented summits.  Other challenges to overcome are the contamination of lakes, ponds, shallow wells and other drinkable water supplies.

BOSS TECHNOLOGY has exclusive formulations to intervene effectively in the primary treatment of drinkable water.  The Company also has expertise that is widely recognized across Canada and around the world, in regards to the treatment of wastewater.  In the majority of cases, the outcomes of treatments achieved by BOSS TECHNOLOGY allowed to reuse wastewater for other purposes, such as watering or irrigation. BOSS TECHNOLOGY’s formulations truly give a second life to water.  For BOSS TECHNOLOGY, as for Agriculture Canada:  “The quality of water, counts”.

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